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The question I ask at the beginning of every week

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Monday. The first day of the week. You have to pick up where you left off on Friday and kick yourself into gear after 48-hours of carefree fun times. As early as Sunday night we start thinking of Monday. We think about the commute to the office, the work that is waiting for us and the looming deadlines. The internet has even found a name for this phenomenon: Dimanchophobia. Irritability, sleep deprivation, upset stomach and headaches are all supposedly symptoms of this ‘Sunday fear’.

Dimanchophobia or ‘Sunday fear’ : the fear of going from unstructured time, to structured time.

Dimanchophobia or ‘Sunday fear’ is the fear of going from unstructured time (weekend), to structured time (the workweek).  If you are in the percentile of people that absolutely love their job, Monday is no biggie. For most of us it is a total different game and some would rather wait until Tuesday to start their week. But instead of barely keeping your eyes open at the Monday morning meeting or stacking up on cafeïne, let’s try something else.

Ask this simple question at the beginning of the week: what are you looking forward to? 

Start your week with this question: what you are looking forward to? By zooming in on the things we get excited about in the upcoming week, we set our focus, identify what is important and maybe even shake some of that Monday Blues right off.

Now do it again for next week, next month, next quarter and next year.

Got what you are looking forward to? Great. Now do it again for next week, next month, next quarter and next year. Can you identify what things you are looking forward to a little further down the line? Focus on what will bring you energy. Here are some questions to help you along the way:

  • What are you looking forward to….
    • In your family?
    • Your work?
    • Your workouts?
    • Relationship?
    • Vacation or upcoming trip?
    • … challenge?
    • [insert a subject of your choice]

You do not need to have all the answers, but when things get cluttered, busy or stressful. Ask yourself: what am I looking forward to? The answer is the thing that should receive most of your attention and energy. After all we only have a limited amount of our most precious asset.

What are you looking forward to today?