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Being aware of your triggers and behavior

Ever been in a situation under pressure? On the edge of the uncomfortable, trying something new for the first time? This can be both exhilarating and scary. It creates opportunity, but also involves taking risks and these risks also add a little fear of failure to the mix. What I find is that even though a situation is new, our own response to the situation often is not. Every new opportunity, drawback or challenge is like a jacket. The same jacket, but just in a slightly different color.

What we know vs. the new

What I am talking about is this: as humans we are creatures of habit. In new situations or when stress is endured we often respond in a similar way. On a more primal level we see this in our fight or flight response when sensing danger. Nowadays, navigating the social structures and managing our own desires and expectations of life we have less situations in which we have to choose between fight or flight, but still encounter ample challenges and opportunities on a daily basis in which we rather choose what we know, over what we do not know (the new). Instead of taking risk we want to stay safe in our own little cocoon, not getting closer to where we want to go.

But, what if you knew?

What if you knew that the boy or girl you are about to approach in a bar and strike up a conversation with would respond positively to you flirting? What if you knew that your idea, the first day at your new job, would actually be met with enthusiasm and would set you up on a fast-track to promotion? Would you do things differently? Would you act differently? If you would know, instead of feeling uneasy, fearful or choosing what you know over what you don’t know, you would have more trust in your own ability, leave emotions like fear at the door and make progress in the direction that you want to be heading.

Being aware of your own behavior

What if you would be aware of your own behavior and what triggers you when you encounter a new or stressful situation?

 Think about the last time you truly did something new, or encountered a stressful situation and ask yourself:

  • How did I respond? Why did I respond in that way?
  • What did I feel at that exact moment?
  • What did I do in this situation that I do consistently when encountering new or stressful situations?
  • How would I do things differently the next time around?

 Be honest, if you cannot figure it out, ask your friends, they will tell you. If you know how you will respond and what triggers you, you are not only aware of your own behavior, but you will come prepared and have a change to get ahead and set yourself up to win in any new situation that you will encounter on the road towards your goals.

And remember.. Just because you have not been in that particular situation before, does not mean you do not fit the jacket, no matter what the color is.