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Workbook exercise #2: What does your ceiling look like?

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For everybody that is looking up right now, that is not the ceiling I am talking about, dummy. What I am talking is something different. I am talking about that ‘thing’ you will get or the ‘state’ you will be in when you achieve/accomplish your highest level, your full potential.

Traveling? A car or a house?
What goals are you working towards at your job? What are you striving for? Are you working your way up to manager or partner? Acquiring new skills? Or is your job a means to a goal, like traveling or to buy something big like a car or a house?

But, what will happen when you become partner, buy that house and the dream car or travel to all continents? Will you strive for more? Better? Faster? And at what moment will that what you achieve be ‘enough’?

And at what moment will that what you achieve be ‘enough’?

Not only is it hard to set clear goals for yourself in an ever changing world. It might even be harder to identify when you will actually be satisfied.

Here’s the catch. What happens when you do not identify your ceiling? What will you be aiming for? Exactly. More. Better. Higher. Faster. Stronger (than everybody else).

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The thing is, there is always going to be somebody that is doing things bigger, better and faster that you. Making more money, getting more acknowledgment for their achievements and outperforms you in every way.

And even if you do compare yourself with that somebody and see him/her as your aim for greatness. You are not aware of what their ceiling is, or what it is exactly that they are striving for. You think you are actually competing, but the truth is, you are not even playing in the same league or playing the same sport.

Stop comparing. Identify your own ceiling. Build your own league and compete with yourself to set yourself up to win.

What does your ceiling look like? Paint a picture.